ARMor Dual Electrostatic SmartSprayer with BackUP FlexiShell BackPack

The E4660-B ARMor features electrostatic cleaning technology combined with ElectroDefense’s patented, first to market SmartSprayer and SprayTrack mobile job accountability technology. This technology puts control into your hands for the most efficient fluid dispersal possible. The ARMor’s robust, yet sleek ergonomic design offers unparalleled comfort, lending itself to more effective deployment throughout all tasks.


The ElectroDefense E4660-B ARMor Dual Electrostatic
SmartSprayer with BackUP flexishell backpack packs all the benefits of the E8660 GUARDian Backpack
Electrostatic SmartSprayer into a small, highly-portable unit, taking
electrostatic spray technology to a new level of mobility and ease of
application. Covering up to nearly 3,500 square feet per tank, this sleek fluid
dispersal system is perfect for treating small-to-medium-sized spaces. The user
will never tire using the E4660-B ARMor SmartSprayer, featuring
ergonomic design and even weight distribution to relieve stress on the wrist
and arm, plus a trigger lock for more comfortable extended use.

The SmartSprayer is built tough, composed of metal
connectors, durable, anti-corrosive composites, anodized aluminium, and
aviation-grade rubber. A built-in, 500-lumen, micro SMD LED focus light helps
to ensure all surfaces are sufficiently coated, even in poorly-lit

Engineered for Resilience


Smartsprayer Technology

ElectroDefense’s proprietary mobile application puts
detailed job data into the palm of your hands. SmartSprayer technology gives
you the ultimate control of fluid dispersal, providing activity information
including fluid level gauge, user movement tracking, and shift logging to
maximize productivity and fluid economy.

Power of Electrostatic Spray

Fluid dispersal is both quicker and more effective when
harnessing the power of electrostatically-charged spray. Surfaces are covered
more evenly and the spray will attach itself like a magnet to your target,
reaching up to ceilings and around all faces of an object.

High-Performance – Total Control

The E4660-B ARMor SmartSprayer’s high-performance
4-in-1 twist nozzle provides a variable fluid flow rate, putting more control
of dispersal into the hands of the user. The anodized aluminium, tool-free
nozzle also features ElectroDefense’s unique 1-click fluid emptying and
self-cleaning function, allowing you to finish the job quickly and cleanly.


  • Healthcare
  • Facilities Management
  • Food Services
  • Education
  • Sports & Athletics
  • Aeronautical
  • Transportation

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Weight 3.0000 lbs


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