Electrostatic Disinfection In Hospitality and Tourism

$53,300,000 in lost sales. That’s how much Chipotle lost during their e-coli outbreak.

When people visit a restaurant, they want an experience. The public places a great deal of trust in food industry workers to provide them a good experience. Although many people focus on the food aspect of a restaurant, cleanliness and sanitation often determines if a patron will come back or not. A good food experience and a poor experience with cleanliness, or worse yet, food-borne illness, will, most assuredly, deter customers from returning.

Maintaining customers’ trust requires the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, while breaching it comes with some costly ramifications:

  • Loss of sales and financial challenges
  • Harmed (or even destroyed) reputation
  • Closure by local health departments
  • Potential for lawsuits

Infectious Outbreaks Can Shut Down Restaurants

ElectroDefense has created an exceptionally powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional disinfection methods. Our electrostatic spray technology is designed to completely and efficiently apply disinfectant to help facilities reduce the ever-increasing risk of illness and infection.

The E8660 applies disinfectants with a patented electrostatic technology. The disinfectant is positively charged by the spray system which is sprayed onto the target more evenly and provides a significant reduction in waste. It is designed to be safe for sensitive equipment, as well as to reach spaces that are impossible with traditional disinfecting methods.

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ElectroDefense can help significantly reduce the risks

  • Easy-to-use process simplifies staff training
  • Quickly and easily integrates into cleaning processes
  • Reduces the chance of human error
  • Delivers results 3x greater than traditional disinfecting and sanitizing equipment in less time
  • Reduces the amount of time necessary to dining rooms and kitchen areas, offering greater efficiency
GUARDian Hybrid electrostatic sprayer

E8660 GUARDian Hybrid BackPack Electrostatic SmartSprayer™