About Us - The ElectroDefense Story

Our story begins as distributors of disinfectants and surface protectants. After the emergence of COVID-19, we discovered an unmet need for electrostatic sprayers; a demand hugely exacerbated by the pandemic. As entrepreneurs, and brothers, we ventured to find a solution that would satisfy growing demand and safely and affordably help communities regain a sense of normalcy. 


We quickly discovered that only a small number of companies existed and they weren’t equipped to keep up with the demand for a hospital-grade disinfectant effective against COVID-19 in non-healthcare settings such as education facilities, office spaces, warehouse and logistics, public transportation, hospitality, airlines and more. We also found existing electrostatic sprayers were not designed for extended use, lacked overall quality and generally couldn’t withstand the severe environment we now operate within. 


With COVID, the new normal presents a huge desire for verified accountability, which is connected to reassuring the general public of health and safety as they go about their everyday lives. What existed could not serve the increased needs of the current climate — and so our mission statement became clear. 



ElectroDefense was born as the first line of electrostatic sprayers that bring RELIABILITYDURABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to the marketAccomplishing this, took a few steps back from what we knew and started with a clean slate. We brought together a global team of experienced design and material selection specialists, including German and Dutch engineers, and Italian product designers, coupled with a manufacturing team that have a combined 70 years of experience and share a like minded goal of creating a portfolio of products that would revolutionize the industry. 


Before designing the product, we first sourced feedback and design input from clients and applicators in the field which led us to the development of multiple first to market benefits such as a one-click ten-second flushing system, a no-tool, micron rotating nozzle and a removable tank, all packaged in one body strain relieving ergonomically designed electrostatic backpack and electrostatic handheld SmartSprayers. 


Our most innovative feature, however, is the app that links our sprayers to the applicator’s mobile device. This, first to market app tracks of job location, time on the job, liquid usage and surface testing, and then provides a detailed report about when the task is completed that can be shared directly with the client, proving that the job was done correctly. 

Today, we’re providing our clients RELIABILITYDURABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY housed in the world’s most advanced portfolio of electrostatic sprayers.

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